Prayer groups

  • Prayer Force

    Location: Trace Church Auditorium

    Time: Thursdays at 6:00pm

    Ages: 20+

    Topic: Prayer Force Curriculum (Men and Women)

    Purpose: An in depth study of prayer and how to be a better prayer warrior.  There will be a 12 week study of what it means to become an intercessory prayer warrior.

    Leader: Paul Tierney & Amy Courville

    Phone: 205-767-8454


  • Prayer Journals: God hears the Whispers of the heart

    Location: Lavish Coffee Bar (Jasper)

    Time:  Thursday at 1:00pm

    Ages: Open to All

    Topic: Prayer Journaling (Women Only)

    Purpose: To be blessed and comfortable writing in a prayer journal. To develop deeper insight for yourself and your relationship with God.

    Leader: Anita Mauldin

    Phone: 205-544-6145


  • Prayer & Praise

    Location: Trace Church Gathering Room

    Time: Wednesdays at 6:00pm

    Ages: 25+

    Topic: Prayer (Women Only)

    Purpose: We will practice praying the scriptures, looking for God's work in our lives, and giving Him praise.

    Leader: Nikki Azbell

    Phone: 205-388-6754