Small groups at the trace

College/Young Adult:

Leaders: Bill Watt & Brad Ingle

If you are a young adult between the ages of 18 - 35 & are looking for a place to connect, this is the group for you. This young energetic group meets at various times throughout the week to do anything from Bible study to eat dinner and watch a movie together.  


Leaders: Alison Dunaway & Rosanne Stewart

This group formed to connect singles & those that attend service without their spouses for ages 30+. If this applies to you, this is a great community to connect with through fellowship and outreach to the community.

Young Families:

Leaders: Scott Dyer, Jason Azbell & Stuart Schenk

This group of young families meets on Sunday afternoon as well as Sunday evening. The group is made up of families with kids in the Nursery all the way up to early high school. This group is unique in the fact that it has a mentor “grandparent” couple who are always available to give advice & aid in any way they can for these young families. 

Empty Nesters:

Leaders: George Barrera, James German & David Peters

This fun-loving groups is all about having a good time together. If you are hungering to be in a light-hearted group connected to other believers, this is the group for you. 

Leaders: Casey Vague & Robert Maloy

This tight-knit group of believers meet on Sunday nights in each others homes. They are studying “The Story: The Bible As One Continuing Story of God And His People.”


Leaders: Harold Allen, Robert Mauldin & Mickey Drummond

This small group connects to the Sunday morning worship and Bible class experience by meeting for lunch and a devotional every Sunday after church. There fellowship extends throughout the week as the serve one another and the greater needs of the church as well as plan an occasional trip together. 

Leaders: Ted Evans & Gary Hagood

This small group meets on Sunday afternoons in each others homes. They are a very caring group of people and have a strong loyalty to one another. Over the years this group has bonded and can depend on each other at all times. They are very dedicated to the studying of God’s word. 



Leaders: George Barrera, Ken Watson & Nick Bass

This group meets every Sunday at the building at 5:00 pm to worship together and hear a message from God’s word. If you are more comfortable meeting a group at the building rather than in someones home, this is the group for you.