OVERFLOW Small Group Lesson

October 22, 2017

How do you think Peter’s past experiences influenced what kind of elder/leader he was?

What does Peter say to the elders in 5:1-4? How are the elders supposed to lead? How does this “job description” differ from what many elders/pastors do today? Why is this the case?

In 5:5, what do you think it means to “clothe yourselves in humility”? Why does God oppose the proud and give grace to the humble? What’s so terrible about pride and so great about humility, especially in our relationship with God?

How do you see pride impacting your relationship with God? With other people? How is pride connected to anger, bitterness, depression, envy, lust, and anxiety (or any other besetting sin)?

Peter calls the devil our adversary, not God’s adversary. Why do you think he does this? What does this imply about God, the devil, and us?

What weapons does the believer have against the attacks of the devil (5:9)?

In what ways do you resist the devil? Can you tell the difference between the devil’s attacks against you and other attacks (or is there a difference)? Which Scriptures help you to resist the devil and stand firm in your faith?

How does Peter comfort those who are suffering now (5:10)? When you are suffering, does this truth give you comfort? Why or why not?

Peter’s closing states, “Peace to you all who are in Christ” (5:14b). How are “peace” and “in Christ” connected? Why is peace such a sought-after thing but so rarely attained? Why is it that true peace is only in Christ?