OVERFLOW Small Group Lesson


If you have been baptized, summarize for group members what the experience was like for you. Depending on your age, what do you remember most? How did your baptism affect you at the time?

Read Acts 2:36-41

Those who accepted Peter’s message by turning from sin and trusting Christ as their Savior and Lord were baptized “that day” (Acts 2:41; see also Acts 8:34-39). Should we require new believers to receive some teaching before being baptized or should we promote “spontaneous baptisms”; i.e., encourage new converts to be baptized as soon as possible?

What does it mean for us that Jesus takes baptism seriously? Since Jesus had nothing to repent of, what was the point of his baptism?

Some reject the importance of baptism having anything to do with salvation because it is a something you “do.” So they think that it must be a “good work”. Why do you think baptism doesn’t qualify as a human meritorious work that we do to earn salvation? Read Titus 3:5 &

John 6:28-29

In the early church every Christian was an immersed believer. Today, many believers have not been immersed. How can we approach them about the importance of salvation? What would you say to encourage them that immersion is still needed or important? Mark 16:15-16

Witnessing others being baptized often causes us to reflect on our own experience. How might our observing other baptisms influence and encourage us today? See Rom.6:1-4; Col.2:9-12.

Pray for people you would like to see come to faith in Christ and be baptized.

Close with prayer.